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We'd like to introduce you our villa

 “Casa Los Almendros” in Spain.

It is located in the most southern region; Andalusia, more precise in Axarquia which is part of this region.

Cómpeta, the white village, is one of the 31 villages of Axarquia.  


It seems like Cómpeta is flattered down on the southern flanks of the Sierra Tejeda, located on the magnificent mountains and near the Mediterranean Sea.

Are you able to resist this? Why should you?

Just let yourself be seduced!


in its pureness is enjoying the caress of the sun. The village doesn't spoil the landscape, it follows its gentle slopes. The landscape is sculpted and massaged by warm breezes and gentle rains.  Sweet smell of almond trees, intensely flavored olives and vineyards that make their grapes transform in the most sweet white wines. Cool small streets between white houses, merging to picturesque bustling squares. Squares embraced with fragrant flowers, filled with warm welcoming people.  Together, telling the story of their rich history.  A history where especially the Moors have contributed.



The location is on the top of a hill. The stunning views makes Casa Los Almendros so unique.  Not only from the bedrooms and the living room, but also from the spacious covered terrace and gardens, you will enjoy magnificent views on the sun-drenched Mediterranean. Even the majestic peaks of the Sierra Tejada (Maroma) and the small enchanting villages will not leave you untouched.

On a clear day you can even see Gibraltar rock and the riff mountains in Africa (Morocco). These beautiful views will give you the feeling "to stand on the roof of the world". 


Beside the silence and the peacefulness the mountains are offering, we also have the coast for all beach lovers. The Costa Del Sol, with sun all year around, bars, restaurants and outdoor-activities are situated at approximately 16 km.

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