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What once was "an almost impossible dream", became reality in September 2015.

We found the place to escape all hustle & bustle, the stress, just we-time for the whole family.

Casa los Almendros invites you to do so, just relax and de-stress.

  The word relax is, in our opinion, born here!   

The authenticity (Moorish style) of the house and the fully surrounded terraces are really incredible.

But the absolute highlight was, the spectacular sight: the mountainside painted villages, the winding mountain paths, the sultry sea and the landscape that reveals more and more of its beauty.  The entire region, beautiful cities, culture, sport, friendly hospitality ... ... and much more, completed our dream.

Write to us at or simply fill this form and we’ll get back to you shortly:

Bericht ontvangen!

“Make Yourself at Home!"
Casa Los Almendros is owned maintained by
Brigitte & Jürgen De Graef - Van de Voorde

M. Apadakis

With special thanks to Inez & Enmanuel Lopez for their care & support.

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